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Why did you write a book about Christianity?

I’ve been preoccupied with religion, or at least the questions religion purports to answer, for a long time. Given that Christianity dominates the religious landscape in the West, I was disposed to look into it. If Christianity is true, then I want in. If humans are in possession of a book inspired by the creator of the universe, then I certainly want to know about it! But if the Bible is not a divinely inspired book, then we shouldn’t treat it as if it is.

There will always be a battle of ideas in a free society, and I’m adding my 2 cents to the conversation. Many Christian organizations and individuals painstakingly strive to spread their ideas and influence in society. As a member of society, I want the best ideas to win out. I don’t think the beliefs I argue against in my book are true or worth keeping.

Is Donald Trump a Muslim?

No, he’s a hardcore Christian. I even made a video to prove it to everybody.


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